Our Mission

We encourage women to cultivate their future and pursue a richly fulfilling life.

Our Goal

Celebrate woman who are achieving financial independence with pizzazz. 

Our Promise

We strive to deliver gifts to strengthen, inspire and prosper.

A message from the Founder of Fortunately Inspired –

Welcome to the Fortunately Inspired!

I am Patrice Jupiter, founder of Fortunately Inspired, which was created to help women, like you! Beautiful, determined women who are looking to unlock your full potential and reach your financial goals. So, what does Fortunately Inspired actually mean? To us, it’s investing and seeing value in yourself. How do you measure Fortunately Inspired? In a sense you don’t measure it, I think it’s more of a feeling. A sense of confidence, motivation and determination. How can I be Fortunately Inspired? Now that’s an easy answer, change your mindset, practice self-care, set goals, improve your finances and constantly strive for better and most of all, celebrate life to the fullest!

I recently faced a major life transition, in the form of a divorce. During that time, I did not know how to regain the Fortunately Inspired feeling. I slowly learned to embrace my journey and later saw it as the gift. I started by creating goals for every aspect of my life that needed improvement, restructuring my finances to meet my
lifestyle, challenging myself to learn and grow more while appreciating some of life’s guilty pleasures.

After experiencing a major life transition, I was inspired to live my best life while pursuing my goals and improving my finances. As a result, I found incredible tools and resources that propelled my career, enhanced my finances and invigorate my life. I started sharing some my most favorite resources, books and gifts with my
family and friends. There came the birth of Fortunately Inspired, LLC. A monthly subscription box service developed to encourage women to pursue richly fulfilling lives.

Investing in yourself is one of the best return on investments you can make. Whether it’s learning a new skill, focusing on personal and professional development, rediscovering your creative side, setting new goals or transforming your finances. Investing in yourself is essentially an aspect of self-love. Fortunately Inspired is an opportunity to reward yourself with the gift of financial empowerment. Our subscription boxes include items to motivate and delight women with personally selected books, resourceful tools, chic office supplies and useful gifts. Our vision is to encourage every woman to embrace a financially empowered life.

You can live a Fortunately Inspired life too.

  • Create realistic goals, both short term and long term.
  • Changed your mindset, imagine your life getting better.
  • Read books to help you master your goals.
  • Implement tips and tools established by experts
  • Enjoy life to the fullest.

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All the Best!
Patrice J.